There was a slight heartache. A slight needle poking pain in my lungs every night I laid my head down. The place I am supposed to find peace & rest, there was only a horrible pain and tears. Nightmares came and haunted my mind. Pure darkness filled my room, from wall to wall. My pillow did not hold a resting head, it was filled with tears. Night after night. A never ending cycle. But when morning came, all my demons went away.

I wish I could just rest…. rest I only found in your arms. But it has been so long… I have forgotten what it was like to feel protected. To feel wanted. I have forgotten what it was like to endure a kiss from your sweet pillow lips. I have forgotten the warmth we shared between naked bodies. I have forgotten what it felt like to have your hands brush again my face, then running through my hair. I have forgotten my love. Please come back and save me from this misery.

As the days go by the more the demons come and play. In my mind like a play house. I push and try to kick them out. But there are to many that roam inside. My days are fine, I’m able to laugh and enjoy. But the moment my eyes start to close, they all flutter inside. They play movies inside my head. Over and over again, I see the same pain. Me loosing you. And you slipping away. My worst fear… they whisper so loudly my biggest insecurities. Making me feel like I am not normal to feel the way I do. Laughing is the sound that makes me run and hide. I don’t want to play. I just want to be inside your arms, just one more time. I have forgotten my love. Come & please stay.

You may forget, but you will never be forgotten.


Know that you are special

Know that you are unique

Know that you are beautiful

Know that it’s okay to different

Know that you are incredible

Know that you are a world chnager

Know that you are amazing

Know that you are intelligent

Know that you are wonderful

Know that you are one of a kind

Know that you can not be replaced

Know that you are loved

Know that you are ENOUGH!!

To all those who are out there searching for a sign, a sign to know that you belong and that you are enough. This is it! You are enough! You belong!!

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